Welcome to Employability Bridge

Welcome to Employability Bridge — a smart and futuristic platform that enables companies access to eligible students and provides students the ability to understand the expectations from the companies ahead. Employability Bridge is the only platform that matches the expectations from both students and companies through continuous engagement.  Our intelligence enables student success through participation and provides easy access to eligible students from multiple colleges in a single day through FLAG.


Like a candidate graduating from a college located anywhere in the country who has a dream to start his career in his area of interest and matches with his abilities, the companies in turn are always looking for their ideal candidates – wherever they may be. To achieve this, there are placement-recruitment drives on-campus or the conventional job sites which try to co-ordinate placement efforts. These activities mostly end up as large-scale, expensive exercises in terms of costs and time – and there is enough on record regarding the resulting outcomes which usually, never fully satisfy the recruitment goals of the company or the placement target of institutions.

Now is the urgent need for intelligent hiring methodologies and a smart and efficient platform that can clearly address the distinction between need and want; requirement and recruitment; a job fair vs a fair job creation; Employability and Employment. And here is where Employability Bridge makes the difference. Feel free to explore the site on what we could do for you.



1. STUDENTS : Only students studying in top-ranking colleges & Metros can get access to diverse set of  companies across industries/sector and companies also prefer to go there only. However in reality the companies are always open to getting the best talent wherever they are – and Employability Bridge can help bridge this gap.

2. COMPANIES : Especially the start-ups, smaller companies of today who will be the path-breakers of tomorrow are also on the look-out for freshers but they are not able to reach out to the top talent of an institution and present themselves – as the candidates are not aware of them and have pre-conceived notions based on their limited exposure. The candidates however can be inspired by wanting to be part of a new ‘idea’, an energetic start-up or a fast growing new player ��� if they are inspired – and here’s where Employability Bridge comes in.

3. INSTITUTIONS : Every institution strive to have their students have a successful career post-graduation irrespective of their location – rural or city suburban areas. This enables the institution to impress on the future students and parents of wards.But their best talent are not visible along with their potential for the corporate to access due to geographical locations and other factors. However, a select portfolio of companies are willing to look at the diverse student talent pool available in such institutions if they are ready to reach out and present themselves – on a mutual, one-on-one platform that supports intelligent hiring methodologies – and Employability Bridge becomes the ideal confluence for this to happen.

In all, Employability Bridge works for you, and helps you cross the bridge to the future of Intelligent Hiring of students from diverse geographical locations.