A Unique Bridge

Our experience shows that enabling companies an easy and effortless way to share their expectations allows them to reach out to a wider geography. When students and colleges know the expectations. they perform better. Our intelligent feedback linked with individual performance allows them to improve continuously. Hence the evolution of FLAG a series of intelligent hiring events.


What makes FLAG unique is its ability to bring focus on hiring through its systematized approach — As an employer you will be able to preselect the prospectful candidates, you can restrict your opportunities only with selected candidates, you will also get to meet only those you are interested. Every aspect of your hiring process is carefully considered that includes preplacement connect, online/offline assessments, GD, Personnel/Technical Interview, HR interview etc., FLAG allows you to exactly replicate your own hiring process on the event and supports with all infrastructures that are deemed to be required.


  • Access to right  talented student’s from multiple institutions spread across wider geography.
  • Pre — Calendered Events.
  • Smart & Intelligent hiring using state of the art technology.
  • Option to preselect prospectus student talents,engage with them post your hiring on your company specific  knowledge transfers and preparation activities.
  • Better talent conversions.
  • End to End assistance on fresher hiring.